Aromatherapy First Aid Kit

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Aromatherapy is the treatment of physical ailment through essential oils which contain natural healing properties derived directly from nature.

Part of the reason why we're suffering ill health more now than at any other time before is because we've become so out of sync with nature. The thing that we used to rely so heavily upon 100 years ago barely gets an afterthought as we reach for the headache or the sinus pill from the medicine cabinet.

Nature is perfect. It just functions in harmony without so much as a second thought, it's we that synthesize and derive all of our medicines from nature's example. We don't have to chemically duplicate what nature has so perfectly created itself. Instead of using treatments with chemicals that were mimicked in nature's image we need to use the ingredients and building blocks taken directly from nature itself.

So that's why we've created this amazing system that brings nature back into our lives and back into balance.

In thi s information packed 62 page ebook you're going to learn about the remedies you can use to heal yourself naturally using aromatherapy essential oils derived from nature.

You will discover within its pages how to naturally treat perspiration, how to create your own organic, chemical free lipstick, eye shadow, concealer, blush and fragrances.

You're also going to learn how natural food coloring can be instrumental in the creation of organic make up and why you should avoid using artificial food coloring at all costs, this will SHOCK you and make you think twice about using food coloring for the next birthday cake or any other birthday cake for that matter.

You'll also learn how to create your own natural, deeply nourishing hair treatments. Also included are recipes for deep cleaning, completely natural household cleaners.

You also get given natural remedies that treat everyday ailments naturally like how to eliminate the pain of a toothache and how to treat everything from acne to warts to burns, cuts, hemorrhoids and more.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Bonus!

When you get started using essential oils to heal, learn about some of the most important essential oils and what they do.

Discover the characteristics of each essential oils and its individual healing properties and which essential oils they best mix with for maximum effect.

Also discover what their role is in the use of fragrances and the type of effect they have on mood and how they can be used for stress relief, and more.

PS - Aromatherapy First Aid Kit is availabe in digital format so that you can be reading and following the natural remedies found within its pages in just minutes from now. No waiting for postage or shipping you get it moments after ordering.

You can order anytime of the day or night, even if it's 2am where you live you will still receive the Aromatherapy First Aid Kit just minutes after ordering.

All you need is Adobe Reader to view your Aromatherapy First Aid Kit ebook and bonus.